2 Bros. in the Studio Show: Episode 23: Law & Order

The show that got me hooked on 2 Bros in the Studio Show! So much great information jammed into a hour!

“The 2 BROS. in the Studio Show are BACK and ready to RUMBLE with this BRAND NEW CONTENT for 2017!

Check out the latest episode of The 2 Bros In The Studio Show: Podcast brought to you by Navada & Tobari | Powered by Haven House Music Group.

This week the BROS. spoke with William T. Jolley, Esq. (A.K.A. Jolley BROley the Legendary Super Saiyan) about how to protect your interests as a creative person who enjoys owning their intellectual property! Being the son of a creative, (Dr. Willie Jolley, motivational speaker, songwriter, and vocalist), William ensured the ownership rights for everything his father created… and then tells us all about it!
So if you want to learn about this show and this awesome content… Check us out… the #2BrosShow now on #StitcherRadio, #GooglePlay, and #iTunes as well as #YouTube, #TuneIn, and here on #SoundCloud every Monday…”


William T. Jollie, Esq. – @williamtjolley

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