HEZEKIAH GODS EP Featuring Peedi Crakk

Hezekiah in the studio with Peedi Crakk recording in Little Africa studio in Philly for Hezekiah GODS EP After having a Brain Aneurysm 2016 Hezekiah finds himself in a slow recovery.

Not able to spend much time in the studio. Luckily the workaholic has so much unreleased music in his hard drive. The Gods EP features a few of Hezekiah’s Close friends, Including Bilal, Freeway, Blu, Grand Agent, T3 of Slum Village, Queen Jo, The Bul Bey, Over Hezekiah jazzy/Boom Bap production. Its been more then a year sends we heard a hip hop project from Hezekiah. Be sure to wish him well on his social media at @hezekiah3rd

What do you think of Gods?
Bang It
Dump It
Need to hear a few more times before deciding



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